Hull History Centre is committed to improving access to services for people who have disabilities or for whom English might not be their first language. To make this website as accessible as possible, the following features have been implemented:

Standards compliance
This site conforms to the W3C's WAI Accessibility Guidelines, Level Single-A. The code is valid XHTML 1.0 and valid CSS2. If you have any problems accessing this site, or any other technical difficulties, please use the website feedback form.

Site structure
The site has been arranged into a number of different sections to make it is easy to navigate and find information. The breadcrumb trail (beneath the main navigation buttons) should identify where you in this structure from any page – there is also a sitemap.   

Keyboard Access
- shortcuts etc to allow quick access for people who prefer to use the keyboard

Changing the size of the text
This can be done by adjusting the setting in the web browser (usually available from the 'View' menu).

Print friendly page
Every page features a "Printable version" link in the top right of the page which allows you to print the key information from the page excluding the top and side navigation elements.

Images and alt tags
The site uses images and graphics to enhance the look and feel of the site. We have used 'Alt' tags so that you will know what the image is for those using a screen-reader or are browsing the site with images turned-off. Where non-compliant content is provided reasonable effort will be taken to make accessible and equivalent alternatives available.

Supported browsers
This website is designed to support a wide range of browsers including as a minimum: Internet Explorer v6; FireFox v1; Mozilla v1; Netscape v8 and Opera v9. For Mac users it supports Safari v1; FireFox v1 and Opera v9.

Please visit to download this free tool which reads the content of this site to the user.

Suggestions for improvement
If you have any suggestions on how the Hull History Centre website might be improved with regard to accessibility, please use the website feedback form.