Newspaper holdings

The History Centre has a large number of local newspaper titles (see our brief history of Hull Newspapers):

Hull Daily Mail over the years, 1885-2012

Title Covering Dates
Hull Packet   1787 - 1886
Hull Advertiser    1794 - 1867
Hull Rockingham      1808 - 1840
Eastern Counties Herald    1838 - 1884
Eastern Morning News       1864 - 1929
Hull News     1852 - 1929
Hull Times (City and County Editions)   1857 - 1984
Hull Daily News/Evening News     1884 - 1930
Hull Daily Mail      1885 - Date
The Hull Sentinel  1928 - 1963

We also hold copies of:

  • The Flashback series, a monthly Hull Daily Mail publication containing 20th century photographs of people, places and events in Hull – it is indexed by subject and names for ease of access
  • various free newspapers – e.g. The Hull Star and The Hull Advertiser


Most of these titles can be viewed on microfilm at the Hull History centre, except:

  • Hull Packet - for the 19th century it is best accessed online (our microfilm copies are incomplete) through the British Library. It can also be accessed for free at Hull Libraries or Hull History Centre - or see how to access from home.
  • Hull Daily Mail - available on microfilm up to 31 Dec 2014. Issues dated 1 Jan 2015 onwards, we will issue the paper copy in the Searchroom. Alternatively, issues from 2006 onwards are available online at ProQuest UK Newsstand which you can access at Hull Libraries or the History Centre - or see how to access from home.
  • Flashback - now available on microfilm up to Dec 2014; later issues should be requested in the Searchroom. 


There are also a selection of subject and biographical indexes for some of our newspaper collections:
  • Hull Advertiser, 1794-1825; edited by K. A. MacMahon
         (request from reference stock to view in the Searchroom, ref: L 072)
  • Hull Advertiser, 1826-1857; by J. Meadley (2 vols)
         (request from reference stock to view in the Searchroom, ref: L 072)
  • Hull Times, 1857-1945; by J. Meadley (edited by Robert Barnard, 8 vols)
         (available to view online or as a hard copy in the searchroom)
  • Hull Advertiser obituaries, 1800-1850
         (Card index in the library area)
  • Hull Daily Mail, 1885-1950
         (available to search for free but not view at the commercial website

  • Hull Daily Mail, 1940s-2010 (incomplete)
         (Card and printed indexes in the library area)
  • The Flashback series is indexed in our Information Index
         (available in the library area)

We also have a number of military indexes to the Hull Daily Mail and Hull Times, all compiled by Malcolm amd Mary Mann. These are all available in the Searchroom. They can be searched by name to find casualties, fatalities and occasional other reports:

  • Hull Times, Index to the Great War
  • Hull Daily Mail, Index to the Great War
  • Hull Daily Mail, Index of WWII, 1939-1942 (still in progress!)
  • Hull Daily Mail, Military Index, 1992-1994

Another newspaper which includes online listings of WWI & II records plus civilian and military medals of the 20th century is the London Gazette, which is accessible for free online.