Detail from 1553 Queen Mary Charter (ref C-BRC.22)


Can I photocopy my own material, or material on open access in the library area?

Yes, within the boundaries of copyright legislation. At the History Centre we have facilities allowing you to undertake your own black and white photocopying on A4 and A3.

Charges for this service are 10p per A4 and 20p per A3.

Can material in the searchroom be photocopied?

For archival and reference material, you cannot use the library photocopier but we can undertake photocopying on your behalf where this will not put the item at risk. 

Charges for this service are 30p per A4 (black and white), 60p per A3 (black and white), 60p per A4 (colour), and £1.20 per A3 (colour).

What about Copyright legislation?

When requesting copies of material from the searchroom, we require you to complete a copyright declaration. This states that you will only use the copies for personal research. If images are required for publication or public display, you must contact us as further permissions may be required.

Is there anything that cannot be photocopied?

We will only photocopy material where this will not put the item at risk of damage. This means that we can only copy items up to A3 in size.

We are also unable to copy parchment, film, photographs, bound items, and any other material we feel will be damaged by the copying process.

Any items larger than than A3 or too fragile to photocopy can be copied via our Copying Service. Different charges apply - please ask staff for further details. 

You can bring your own camera, there are charges for this - either 30p per image or £15 for an unlimited day pass.

Due to the possibility of causing damage to documents during handling and scanning, the use of portable scanners at the History Centre is prohibited.

Please consult staff on duty if you have any queries.