Moonrise in the Burial Ground of Middleburg Camp, Emily Hobhouse (1903)

War Without Glamour: Emily Hobhouse’s peace activism, 1899-1926

Emily Hobhouse (1860 - 1926), British peace activist and writer, is celebrated in South Africa for her relief work in the concentration camps of the South African (Boer) War, 1899 - 1902. She is, however, much less well-known in Britain.

This exhibition uncovers Emily Hobhouse's contribution to international peace, humanitarianism, and South African politics, including her work in Germany following the First World War. Through her remarkable writings - most vividly her book War Without Glamour - it tells the story of her lifelong commitment to revealing the devastating impact of war on women and children.

Newly-donated papers at the Bodleian Library in Oxford are showcased alongside her writings for the Union of Democratic Control whose archive is held at the Hull History Centre.