Resolution exhibition in the History Centre

Resolution: Fashion inspired by 1918

Hull School of Art & Design BA (Hons) Fashion Students

Hull School of Art and Design’s 2018 exhibition at the History Centre is a fashionable response to their personal research by BA (Hons) Fashion Students into:

  • Transposition fashion 1918
  • British Standard dress 1918
  • War poems
  • War paintings
  • The Suffragette movement
  • Uniforms 1918
  • Machinery associated with WW1
  • Medical innovations associated with the WW1
  • Living conditions associated with trench warfare in WW1

The Students were astounded at the conditions of front line warfare, medical practices to combat the ravages of chemical weapons and shelling, painting and poems and the gravitas and tenacity of the Suffragette movement.

In response, the students have created contemporary, hessian and cream evening gowns inspired by trench life, medical research embellished corsets, aspects of military uniforms coats and suits, exploration of machinery into scuba dresses, suffragette inspired daywear and cream shirts and millinery inspired by different facets of 1918.

The exhibition runs until Thursday 26 July.