Exterior view of the History Centre

Our Policies

Hull History Centre is a partnership between Hull City Council and the University of Hull. The City Council’s obligations to the partnership are administered and delivered on its behalf by Hull Culture & Leisure Ltd a wholly owned Hull City Council company.

The partners aim to provide a seamless service to stakeholders and the following should therefore be read as applying to both partners unless otherwise stated.

These policies were reviewed and updated as part of the History Centre's application for Archives Accreditation and continue to be updated and approved by the History Centre Board.

About the Service

  • Our Fundraising Strategy (141kb, PDF) details our approach to securing external funding to undertake additional work and activities
  • Our Donations Policy (82kb, PDF) allows individuals, groups and organisations a simple route to support the work of the Hull History Centre
  • Our Volunteering Policy (81kb, PDF) provides a clear statement of principles about the role and contribution volunteers can make to the work of the Hull History Centre

Our Collections

    • Our Acquisitions Policy (152kb, PDF) identifies what records and material we will actively seek to collect for the Hull History Centre
    • Our Collections Care and Conservation Policy (120kb, PDF)
    • Our Digital Preservation Policy (135kb, PDF) sets out our vision and plans for managing born-digital archives
    • Our Loans Policy (94kb, PDF) highlights the process for borrowing items from the Hull History Centre for public display at other approved locations and the conditions and measures to be taken to safeguard the items

Our Users

  • Our Access Policy (126kb, PDF) details our engagement with a broad range of stakeholders about accessing our services both on-site at the History Centre and remotely via our website, online catalogue and enquiry service
  • Our Learning and Outreach Policy (116kb, PDF) details our vision for engaging users through formal and informal learning, talks, exhibitions and events both at the History Centre and off-site
  • Our Social Media Policy (427kb, PDF) highlights the current use of Facebook, Twitter and blogs by the Hull History Centre (updated Oct 2019)