Association of British Counties

Background to the Collection

The Association of British Counties (ABC) was formed in 1989. It exists to promote awareness of the 86 historic (or traditional) counties of Britain and their role in the history, geography and cultural life of the country.

The Association monitors and scrutinises the impact of government policies and legislation on the historic counties, especially local government reorganisation, and campaigns in favour of using the historic counties in postal addresses, guide books, boundary signs and maps.

What is in the collection?

Material in this collection covers the period 1841-2016. Records include correspondence and subject files. Records relate to the activities and campaigns of the association, other pressure groups and related organisations.

What areas of research would the collection support?

Material within this collection would support a written history of the association. It could also contribute to wider research into regional identity formation and 20th century cultural and identity heritage debates.

Are there any access issues?

There are no access issues associated with this collection and it will be made available to any accredited reader.

Is there any related material?

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