Civil Defence Personnel

Our Civil Defence records include several series of card indexes of persons registered for service in the various sections of the Civil Defence service:

C TYR/1 Warden Service personnel cards
C TYR/2 Control and Report Centre personnel cards
C TYR/3 Cyclist Messenger Corps personnel cards
C TYR/4 Fire Guard Section personnel cards
C TYR/5 Ambulance Driver personnel cards
C TYR/6 First Aid Service personnel cards
C TYR/7 First Aid Attendant personnel cards
C TYR/8 Decontamination of Personnel personnel cards
C TYR/9 Rescue Party personnel cards
C TYR/10 Highways personnel cards
C TYR/11 Transport Driver personnel cards
C TYR/12 Messenger personnel cards
C TYR/13 Clerk personnel cards
C TYR/14 Office personnel cards
C TYR/15 Storekeeper personnel cards
C TYR/16 Sewers personnel cards
C TYR/17 Dresser personnel cards
C TYR/18 Fire Watchers (Business Premises) cards
C TYR/19 Registers of personnel for Civil Defence Service

Our dedicated team of volunteers have indexed all of our warden cards which has allowed us to make them available to search via our online catalogue. There are over 91,000 warden cards under the reference C TYR as listed above.

These cards have been indexed to give name, home and work addresses, occupation, year of birth or age on enrolment and the date of enrolment. In some instances not all of this information has been provided on the original card and where this is the case, ‘[blank]’ has been entered on the database.

The names have been indexed as they appear on the cards and may not have been accurately taken at the time. We recommend searching on a surname and using variations of spelling if you do not find the result you are expecting. Searching on a surname will give a more accurate result as some cards only give a first initial whilst others give a full name including middle names.

To see the original cards you will need to visit the History Centre, or contact the research service if you wish to obtain copies. A fee will be made for any copies requested.