Detail from Fabian Society event, 1944

Fabian Society (Hull Branch)

Background to the Collection

The Fabian Society was established in 1884. It was founded along Socialist principles and was committed to gradual social reform, not revolution. The origins of the Labour Party can be found in the association between the Fabian Society and the trade union movement formed in 1900.

The Hull branch of the Fabian Society was established in November 1943, with 16 founding members, who included Commander Harry Pursey (elected as Labour MP for Hull East in 1945), and a committee chaired by Alec Horsley (a local businessman). Activities included organising public meetings, 'Brains Trusts' and film shows, as well as providing practical help to local Labour Party branches and their candidates during elections.

What is in the collection?

Material in this collection covers the period 1943-1948. Records include manuscript annual reports, correspondence, press cuttings, notices of meetings and rules.

Records relate to the operation of the society, Eileen Fletcher’s term as secretary, meetings and subscribers.

What areas of research would the collection support?

This collection could be used to investigate the history of the Labour Party in Hull. It could also be used to supplement a written history of the Fabian Society.

Are there any access issues?

There are no access issues associated with this collection and it will be made available to any accredited reader.

Is there any related material?

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