Using the Family and Estate collections for local history research

Hull History Centre’s family and estate collections provide valuable material on the history of Yorkshire. Title deeds, rentals, sales and leases are a good starting point for research into land ownership in the East Riding. Inventories, account books, ledgers and vouchers, as well as estate correspondence right through to the modern day, provide researchers with material on long-term estate management in rural Yorkshire.

Manorial records for some manors date back as far as 1317. Surrenders, admissions, court rolls and jury lists can be found for many manors in the East Riding and further afield.

The collections also contain a wealth of material on enclosure acts, railway building, agricultural production, the building and maintenance of estate villages, parish churches and schools, and the distribution of charity.

Search the online catalogue using keywords relating to the type of document (“court roll”, “lease and release”) or the place you’re looking for (“Carlton”, “Beverley”).

When searching for a place, click on the name of the place in your search results, and then choose “Show items” on the right hand side of the page to see a list of items relating to that place.  Alternatively use our interactive map to browse by place. 

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