Detail from the 1299 Charter

Hull Mayors and MPs

Hull MPs

The town of Hull sent its first MPs to Edward I's parliament of 1305. The constituency of Kingston upon Hull consisted of the Old Town (the parish of St Mary and part of the parish of Holy Trinity) until the Reform Act of 1832, which extended the boundaries to include the rest of the parish of Holy Trinity and parts of Drypool, Sculcoates and Sutton-on-Hull.

The constituency was abolished in 1885 and replaced with three new constituencies, Hull Central, Hull East and Hull West.

From 1918 until 1950 Hull returned four MPs, from the constituencies Hull Central, Hull East, Hull North West and Hull South West.

From 1950 until 1992 Hull's three constituencies were Hull East, Hull North and Hull West; from 1997 onwards, Hull West became Hull West and Hessle.

Download a list of Hull MPs from 1304-2019 (PDF, 73kb).

Hull Mayors

Hull's first mayor, Sir William de la Pole, was appointed in 1331 following a charter of Edward III, which replaced the position of Warden with the offices of Mayor and four Bailiffs. In 1914 the office became that of Lord Mayor.

Download a list of Hull mayors and Lord Mayors (PDF, 80kb).

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