Second World War: Static Water Tanks


In addition to the City Engineer’s records, the Town Clerk’s Department kept records relating to Static Water Tanks (ref C TCY/3).

Static Water Tanks were provided in areas or sites where there was little or no water supply. They were also necessary in case the water mains were damaged by bombing so that the Fire Brigade had an alternate source of water supply.

Permission to erect these tanks as a temporary measure had to be sought from the owner or agent of the properties in question. Clues as to the whereabouts of these sites may occasionally remain in the City with signs saying ‘S.W.S’ on the walls of buildings.

What records do we hold relating to static water tanks?

Records within our collections include agreements for the erection of static water tanks that were made in 1944 in order to ensure the adequate provision of water in the event of fire caused by air raid attacks. Amongst these agreements there are maps showing the exact location of the tanks.

There are records relating to the original possession of the sites (Form of Requisition Notice) by the Town Clerk under powers delegated by the Minister of Home Security under and by virtue of regulation 51 of the Defence Regulations 1939 and in accordance with general directions from the Regional Commissioner for the North Eastern Civil Defence Region. It also includes correspondence between the Town Clerk, the owners/agents of proposed sites for Static Water Tanks, the City Engineer and the Fire Guard Officer.

Other records include:

  • C TCY/3/1 Agreements between the Lord Mayor, Aldermen and Citizen's of the City and County of Kingston upon Hull and owner(s) and tenants of various properties/ pieces of land for the erection of a static water tank/ tanks, 1944.
  • C TCY/3/2 Town Clerk's Requisition and Release Notices relating to Static Water Sites,1941-1947.
  • C TCY/3/3 Correspondence between the Town Clerk, the owners/agents of proposed sites for Static Water Tanks and the City Engineer, Fire Guard Office, 1944.
  • C TCY/3/4 Lists of Static Water Tank Sites, c.1947.