University Archives: Official Publications

University Annual Reports (U ORP/1), 1925-2012

The University produces an annual report for each academic year. For the majority of the series (1925-1987) the report is divided into three parts; report of council, report of senate and statements of accounts. In the early years, members of staff and members of the Court are listed in full. After 1938 staff members are no longer listed, instead lists of members of staff can be found in the Calendars from this date (U ORP/2). After 1952 there is also no list of membership of the Court, and no further mention of the Court.

The reports give information on the progress and development of new buildings, projects and enterprises, and achievements and awards secured by students and departments in the University and in the wider world. The reports are in shortened form between 1938 and 1948 due to wartime and post-war conditions. After 1987 the format of the annual reports changes; it is illustrated for the first time, and it is produced in two or sometimes three volumes. These are entitled 'Annual Report', 'Statement of Accounts' and 'Research Information', (the latter not produced every year).

University Calendars (U ORP/2),1929-2011

The University produces a calendar every year, which includes information about term or semester dates, and events in the university year such as board, committee and sub-committee meetings. The calendars list the departments and committees of council and senate and the early calendars include the regulations of the University.

As the university has expanded, so the numbers of committees of Council and Senate and the number of departments has grown. Some calendars also list the appointments board. Due to the Second World War University calendars weren't produced between the 1940-41 and the 1945-46 academic years (inclusive).

Congregation Programmes (U ORP/5),1950-2000

This collection contains the official printed programmes for the Congregation ceremonies of the University College of Hull and later the University of Hull. The programmes provide a detailed order of events and, in some cases, give the names and degree classifications of the individuals graduating. Some of the programmes also include a Congregation Day Luncheon menu.

University Gazette (U ORP/6),1958-1981

There are three issues of the University of Hull Gazette per academic year, one for each term/semester. The issues generally include diary dates; list of honours; summaries of the proceedings of University Court, Council and Senate; departmental notes; news on University buildings and building projects; public lectures; staff appointments, retirements, resignations and promotions and a list of University publications.

Autumn issues also include the previous terms’ congregations dates, the names of those getting a degree and the key speeches made at the ceremony. Some of the notices of retirements and appointments also include short biographical details. 

The collection is available on our online catalogue including a PDF version (231kb, PDF).

Exam Papers, 1955-2009

The University Archives hold copies of exam papers from 1955 to the academic year ending in summer 2009. After 2009, copies can be found on the University’s Hydra digital repository.

To access our copies you will need to visit the Hull History Centre and bring some form of ID stating your name and address (e.g. driving licence) as well as the year(s) and semester(s) of interest and the module code. The name of the module would also be helpful but is not necessary. University student cards are not accepted as a form of ID.

University Proceedings Volumes (U REG/2),1925-2012

The University Proceedings volumes contain minutes of the various official committees including the Council, Senate, the Finance Committee, Building Committee, Appointments Committee, Board of Examiners and Court of Governors. The proceedings clearly demonstrate the development of the University; in particular, the challenges faced during the Second World War, such as decreasing student numbers, the commandeering of University buildings and the evacuation of library books.

Most committees convened an emergency meeting in September 1939 to discuss the possible effects of war. In the early 1950s, the various changes required to transform the University College into an independent university can also be followed through the minutes of the Future of the College Committee.

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