Online payments

How to pay online

You must have received a reference number and a quote from us before you can pay online. The reference number will be in the format G21/01234 or U21/01234.

When you are ready to pay, please visit the online payment portal.

You will see the Products and Services Catalogue screen. Click on the first dropdown menu and select The History Centre.

This will show you a list of services you can pay for. If you are paying a set amount - for an hour or half an hour of research, or our minimum payment fee of £10.00 - please enter your reference number in the appropriate box and click Add to Basket.

If we have sent you a quote for a different amount, please use History Centre Flexible Fee. Enter the amount we have quoted and your reference number in the appropriate boxes, and click Add to Basket.

Once the item has been added to your basket, please click Pay Now and follow the instructions on screen.

If you need any assistance in navigating the online payment portal, please contact us and we will try to help.