University Archives: Student Experience Archive


We all know the official story, but what’s your story…?

As the countdown begins to the University of Hull’s centenary in 2027, the University Archives is looking to create an archive dedicated to the student experience. The archive will be a valuable resource, documenting the vibrant, diverse and creative world of Hull’s student life.

To create the archive, we are asking for donations of alumni and current students’ papers, photographs, and publications relating to their time here in Hull. All material will relate to the student experience at the University of Hull and/or affiliated organisations, such as the University of Hull Scarborough Campus, HYMS, Hull University Students Union, and student societies at the University of Hull.

What we are asking for

Material we would like to collect for the archive includes:

  • Photographs
  • Publicity material relating to University and/or student events
  • Student publications (excluding Torch, Torchlight, Hullfire as copies are already kept)
  • Papers from student societies (e.g. minutes, photographs, publicity material etc.)

Items outside the above categories will be considered on a case by case basis.

Material that will not be collected includes:

  • Objects, textiles etc. (e.g. University scarves)
  • Student work (e.g. essays)
  • Tickets for University and/or student events

If you would like to donate material to the archive, please contact the Hull University Archives Team at or on 01482 317506.

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